A full-body strength workout in less time

Because Katalyst is more efficient than any other training method, sessions only last 20 minutes. Now you can achieve your fitness goals – no matter what life throws at you.

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What people are saying

I could feel that it had activated muscles near to where my hip injury had been; muscles that I've not been able to engage. It was as though I was bringing them back to life.
Nancy U.
As a guy who does a traditional weightlifting workout in the gym 4–5 days a week, the Katalyst workout is a great way to break my routine and give my muscles something new.
Douglas W.
Everything's about how I can get more efficient in my workouts, and Katalyst really helps.
Van H.

How it works

  • The Katalyst suit uses full-body EMS to engage over 90% of your muscle fibers; much more than you could on your own.

  • As you work out, pads in the suit will mimic the electric impulses sent by your brain to engage your muscles.

  • It’s just like moving a weight in the gym, only without the weights, or the joint stress and risk of injury that come with lifting them.


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